D-Lenolate with Aloe 60ct

d-LENOLATE® clears a way to allow the Manapol® to further enhance the immune system and helps bring the body chemistry back into balance. Together this super duo offers double the immune empowerment to build, strengthen and ensure a healthy immune system. 100% Natural Dietary Supplement Combines the health promoting benefits of both the Olive Leaf and Aloe Vera L. plant into one mega supplement Promotes immune enhancement to fight infectious microbes and toxins Unique patented extraction process of d-LENOLATE® and special patented ?product by process? of Manapol® ensures high quality nutrients d-LENOLATE® formulation is based on a patented extraction process of selected olive leaves that contain Oleuropein, the miracle element found in certain olive leaf trees. East Park?s special extraction method makes this component absorbable and able to function in the human body. From here, d-LENOLATE® helps rid the body of toxins to free the immune system from its burden. The immune system can then work to bring the body chemistry back into balance. Manapol® is a purified natural extract from the inner gel of the Aloe Vera L. plant. Like the olive leaf, Aloe Vera is know for its beneficial qualities and is said to help stimulate healthy cell generation, as well as having immune enhancing properties. Carrington Labs has patented a ?product by process? of the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera L. plant to ensure the highest quality of their product. From their company-owned farms in Cost Rica, Aloe Vera is organically grown year round in mineral rich volcanic soil. After the inner gel is removed, the active properties of Aloe Vera are stabilized by cold process, resulting in Manapol®, which effectively contains all the natural components found in fresh aloe. Manapol® consists of acetylated mannans (Mannose) and other complex carbohydrates which hold the qualities of the aloe. Instead of being broken down with the digestive system, the structure of Manapol® prevents these compounds from metabolizing so that they can reach the cell. Like d-LENOLATE®, these mannose then stimulate particular cells that relieve your immunes system. In addition to this function, Manapol® stimulates the production of other molecules involved in the immune response to react to specific conditions. Thus, strengthening the immune response to what your body needs. An immune system that is fine tuned will function properly and help protect the body.
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
  • Strength: 500 mg
D-Lenolate with Aloe 60ct
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